Red Ribbon Wine Collection


Each Wine Collection Set Includes: 

  • Air Pump Wine Opener
  • Wine Pourer
  • Vacuum Stopper
  • Wine Ring
  • Foil Cutter

DO NOT place in dishwasher.

Caution:  Keep this product out of the reach of children to avoid injury. Vacuum wine opener is for use on full bottles only. 


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Wine Ring

Place the wine ring on the neck of the bottle to prevent the wine from dripping down the side of the wine bottle and spoiling table surfaces.

Wine Pourer
Insert the silicone part of the wine pourer into the mouth of the wine bottle. It prevents wine leakage and allows instant by-the-glass decanting.

Vacuum Stopper
This item can keep the opened wine fresh for up to 10 days.

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Don’t use the wine opener to open sparkling wine or use on plastic or synthetic corks.
Push and pull the tube steadily. Overexertion will affect the actual performance. Reduce pumping force when cork stars coming out.

If the opener becomes hot, stop using it until it comes cools down. If the air cannot be pumped into the wine bottle due to the fullness of the bottle, use a non-vacuum wine opener. Improper use will damage this product.

Please remove the remove the guard for periodically cleaning. Place needle through the guard, line up the notch and twist to lock. If the pump is not raising cork, make sure top knob is tight.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 40 in

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